6 Brilliant Yoga Exercises To Reduce Your Belly Fat



The usual exercise in the gym and rigorous routines don’t always work for some people. This is why some people opt for a more relaxing type of exercise which can be done at home. Most people find these in yoga. Yoga has been practiced for many years and has been accepted by many who wants to have inner peace or lose weight or both. There are yoga poses that a beginner can do with ease and can help in losing weight effectively. Here are some of the most amazing yoga poses that you can try:

  • Sun Salutation

The most basic yoga pose and usually the first pose in a routine, sun salutation can be done by any individual. This involves standing firmly, raising your arms, slightly bending backwards, and then bowing completely until the hands hit the floor of the writer.

  • Plank

This pose work on the whole body, especially the core. Plank involves a person to do a pushup stance and hold the pose for a couple of minutes. This stretches the muscles while working on the body’s core. This position alone can burn fats easily but you need to increase the time you remain in the plank pose to make it more effective.

  • Crescent

Much like all the poses in this pose, the crescent can help burn body fats easily. Simple start with the usual standing pose or you can bend a knee. You need to stretch out your hands and make your fingertips reach. You will then arch your back to make a crescent shape. You can bend one knee to 90 degrees while the other leg is extended to the ball of the foot. Willow is a tree pose with a twist. You need to stand with feet together and arms at the side. Then place the left foot on the inside of the side of the right thigh. You will then extend your hands towards the ceiling then bend your torso to the left. You can then switch side to even out the muscles.

  • Warrior Pose

The warrior pose is another yoga that can be beneficial for weight loss. This involves the crescent pose but with a twist. The arms of a person making this pose is usually outstretched. You simply omit the need to arch yourself backward.

  • Cobra Pose

The cobra pose is also one of the easiest pose of yoga. You simply need to lay on your tummy with your legs stretched and the palms are under each shoulder. Then the person slowly inhale while raising the chest and bending back as far as the person can. Whatever type of exercise you get involved in, the need to visit your physician is a must. Your doctor can help you determine whether yoga is meant for you or not and what other poses can you use. Knowing if you are pregnant or not is also something that we must do in order to assure the health of the person. With yoga, you will definitely feel the difference in your weight while being calmer and collected by the day. source:77recipes

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