8 Facts About Farting and Why You Should Embrace It


This topic often is a taboo for some people. And not very often someone talks about this topic openly; often people are embarrassed to do that. However, that shouldn’t be like that. Why? Because farting is normal reaction meaning that you have a healthy digestive system. And it is estimated that on a daily basis people fart from 5 to 10 times. Furthermore, you should know that there are foods that can make you fart more. These foods are usually carbohydrates that are complex like wheat, beans, oats and sweet potatoes. Also, some foods can contribute to that stronger odor. Usually, those are foods that have a lot of nutritional value. In the end, it doesn’t matter how much you fart on a daily basis. And after reading these reasons, you will feel no shame the next time you do that.

8 Facts Why Farting is Good

1. It Feels Good

Let’s be open when we are at home, and we feel comfortable we fart, and it feels good. You get that feeling of relief, right? And when you are in a situation when you need to hold it, It makes you snappy and irritable. If you are out in public, you can always excuse yourself to the bathroom where there is a possibility to be alone, and you will feel free to do it. And it really feels good.


2. Reduces Bloating

Do you ever feel bloated? Do your pants feel tight around your belly? You should know that a common cause of bloating is actually build-up gas in the gut. Yes, sometimes you might feel bloated only because you need to fart. Next time you feel that discomfort and  feel like the button on your jeans is about to burst, maybe you should take a second and let it out.

3. Diagnose Food Allergies

There are food allergies that lead to severe flatulence; this especially happens with Coeliac Disease and lactose intolerance. So pay attention, if after consuming some foods you feel and have a significant increase in farting you should consult your doctor. There are some tests that you can do, and they will help you understand which foods you should avoid. Do not worry; the tests are very simple.

4. Help Balance Your Diet

Everyone handles food in a different way because every individual has a different and one of a kind gut. And based on your farts, you can know which food you have lately over-consumed. How? Because when your farts have an unpleasant and vigorous odor that is the result of overeating red meat. On the other hand, if you have large amounts of gas but they have a neutral smell that is the result of complex carbohydrates.

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