The body is consisted of 70 percent of water, and consuming sufficient water amounts will have great effects on the digestion, circulation and nutrient absorption.

Here is the diet:

For breakfast: One glass of water, tea or freshly squeezed fruit juice with no sugar;


For lunch: One glass of water before the lunch and after that, one cup of sugar-free tea. Consume raw vegetables with spices, vinegar, oil and lemon.

Eat as much as you want. Use onions, artichokes, celery, carrots, corn, cucumbers and/or tomatoes.

For snack: One glass of water, tea(or squeezed fruit juice). Then, consume one glass of milk or yogurt or 30 grams of cheese or a piece of fruit.

For dinner: One glass of water before the dinner. Then, consume a cup of sugar-free tea.

Choose between 1 boiled egg with fruits and vegetables, 100gr of meal meat, 100gr of chicken or 150gr of hake.

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