Creamy Chicken & Rice Soup (slow cooker)


Slow Cooker Creamy Chicken Wild Rice Soup made easily and conveniently in the crockpot. Loaded with chicken, wild rice, vegetables and rich, creamy broth, it’s comfort food at its best!


Slow Cooker Creamy Chicken Wild Rice Soup joins creamy chicken noodle and  sausage tortellini   as the newest additions to our list of soup recipes on the blog. We’ve been on a soup kick here at home ever since Southern California weather started cooling down so expect more delicious ideas to come.

If you’re a fan Panera’s chicken and wild rice soup, you’ll definitely fall head over heels for this crockpot version. You get the hearty, creamy, yummy goodness you love for far less it would cost at the restaurant and right in the comfort of your home!

This chicken wild rice soup is so easy to make in the slow cooker, the hardest part of the recipe is the wait!  You can throw it together in the crockpot the night before on weekends and enjoy it for the lunch the next day or before you leave for work on weekdays and have dinner waiting at the end of the day.

Fall and Winter are my favorite seasons not only for the best holidays of the year but also because of the hearty casseroles and comforting soups I get to cozy up to. And creamy chicken and wild rice soup is everything hearty and comforting!

Loaded with chicken, wild rice, veggies, and a warm-you-up creamy broth, it’s perfect for chilly weather. Serve it with crusty French bread and a side salad and you have a satisfying and delicious meal that’s sure to be a family favorite.

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