Don’t buy so many pineapples in store. Here’s how to grow pineapples right at home


Everyone loves to have fresh fruit in their home, but stocking your home with tropical fruits can get costly. So, why not grow some on your own? You won’t have to shell out the big bucks for fruit trees either.

You can grow your very own pineapples indoors using another pineapple. Here’s how.

What you’ll need:

  • 6-inch planting pot
  • Light planting soil
  • 5-gallon pot
  • A pineapple


Step 1.) Take a healthy and evenly ripe pineapple with green leaves and slice the crown off of the top of the fruit. Cut away any fruit stuck to the bottom and carefully remove the leaves from the bottom of the stalk. Let the crown and stalk dry for about 48 hours.


Step 2.) Fill the 6-inch pot with soil and place the crown into it about 1-inch deep. Make sure it is firmly placed in the pot so that it can root properly. Lightly mist your plant with a spray Step 3.) Lightly mist your plant with a spray bottle. Make sure you don’t overwater it. It should just barely be moist. Step 4.) Keep the soil barely moist in your plant for one to three months or until it is firmly rooted in the soil. You can tug gently on the crown to see if this has occurred. Your plant must be firmly rooted when it starts growing new leaves. Then transfer your pineapple into the bigger pot.


Step 5.) Watch it flower and grow!

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