Here’s How Much You Should Weigh According To Your Height, Body Shape And Age!


You probably don’t know what your ideal weight is and even though we sometimes have a number on our mind, it doesn’t mean it is the right one. In order to stay healthy, you have to maintain a healthy weight. One of the best ways to determine the ideal weight is to calculate the body mass index with BMI-calculator or you can just see the chart in the following.



What is BMI (body mass index)?

Looking at the height- weight chart won’t determine your weight because you have to include the amount of fat, muscle and bone in your body’s composition. You have to consider the fat amount in your body and the Body Mass Index- calculator is the one to discover the fat percentage the body is consisted of. It might not be a perfect measure, but it gives great estimate. You may be overweight if your BMI is over 24.9.

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