How To Activate FAT Burning Hormones In Just 3 Steps


There aren’t great philosophies behind healthy and successful weight loss. It all basically comes down to eliminating sugar, eating lots of vegetables, especially beans, consuming vegetable protein only, and increasing healthy oil/fat intake. Following a tight eating schedule consisting of 3 small meals and avoiding meals after 7 pm also makes a big difference. Last, but not least, doing some light-weight training can increase your weight loss results as well.

Now, not many people are aware that unhealthy weight gain is often the result of hormones working in your body. For instance, the stress hormone has repeatedly been linked to weight gain, overconsumption and obesity. Aside from factors such as stress and genetics, the food you eat is mostly responsible for how your hormones work. This 3-step regimen can help you successfully keep your weight-gain hormones in balance while activating your fat-burning hormones and losing weight in a healthy manner.

Step 1#

Cut All Sugar Out

The most important thing you need to have in mind when set to lose the extra pounds you have is the negative role carbohydrates play on your weight loss goals. For one thing, carbohydrate deposits you ingest with food high in sugar including starchy vegetables, alcohol, cookies, candy, processed foods with added sugar provide easy energy that your body uses instead of burning your fat reserves. Thus, cutting down on all carbs from your diet is a must!

Important: You can’t proceed to step 2 until you’ve completed step 1.

Step 2#

1.       Increase Your Consumption of Vegetables

Increase your vegetable intake per day, especially greens and beans. The thing is raw and steamed greens require more calories or energy to digest, which is perfect for any weight loss regime. Plus, their high fiber content is great for intestinal cleansing. For optimal results, you can have greens for breakfast and large salads for lunch and dinner.

2.       Juicing Vegetables as an Alternative

Juicing vegetables is also beneficial for weight loss, but when depleted of fiber, juiced veggies are not as cleansing as fresh ones.  Dark greens such as celery, kale, parsley and spinach are particularly recommended to those dealing with blood sugar issues.  To add more protein to your juice, use asparagus, string beans and cauliflower. If you want to sweeten up the taste, the best choice is lime as opposed to carrots, beets or apples. Adding 6 tbsps. hemp seeds and 2 tsps. freshly ground flax seeds into your juice can be a great alternative for a meal.


3.       Consume Vegetable Protein Only and Use Healthy Oil/Fat

Another important dietary change includes replacing all animal protein with legumes such as beans and lentils. Coconut oil is a great alternative to butter, and olive oil to sunflower oil. You should also gradually cut down carbohydrates from vegetables such as rice and other whole grains to half a serving.

It’s good to know that your body depends on protein to build new muscle and tissue during exercise. In addition, both protein and oil (fat) keep you full longer while curbing unhealthy cravings. That’s why you should include some healthy oil and a good portion of protein with each meal. If you don’t, you’ll start craving for carbs as you’ll be nutrient deficient. This will only hamper your weight loss results.

Step 3#

Follow a Tight Eating Schedule

When losing weight, it’s very important to train your body and mindset not to crave for food after 7 pm. 5 or 4pm is the latest you should have a meal. Also, eating 3 small meals or 2 meals and a salad for dinner is all your body needs for burning fat effectively. You should substitute all sugary drinks, including natural fruit juices, with lemon water or herbal teas between meals.

Have in mind that skipping meals won’t do you any good. You can opt for a late breakfast or an early dinner though. Cooking your meals, eating slowly and stopping when you feel full is highly recommended.

Important: This phase may take you a few weeks or even a month.

Step 4# (Optional)

Light Weight Training

Do 30 Minutes Every Other Day

Last, but not least, another important thing when losing weight is adding some light weight exercise because this further stimulates the burning of your fat reserves. Even 30-minutes of exercise every other day will help your body to build new muscles from protein which activates the burning of your fat reserves.

You can include a 10-minute solid cardio first, like running or biking to warm up and increase your heart rate and weight training to build muscle. Do at least two sets of each relaxing for 1- 2 minutes in between sets. Do each set until you feel some muscle strain (work up to it).


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