She Drank 3 Cups Of Coffee Everyday, This Is Happened To Her Breasts


Have you even been wondering if the coffee is bad for you? The answer is NO. There is a catch, of course and the catch is that coffee is great, delicious and a treat when consumed once in a while, as an occasional indulgence. But if you are more closely related to zombie than human before you slurp back your morning brew, than my answer is yes, coffee is really that bad for you. 

Recently, a research was made, and according to the researches, drinking 3 cups of coffee a day can make women’s breasts shrink! This study included about 300 women, who were surveyed about their measurement and about how many cups of coffee they usually drink daily. The group of researchers found out that drinking coffee and small breasts are pretty much related and almost half of the women included in the research had a gene that has been shown to link breast size to coffee. So it was clear that drinking only 3 cups of coffee per day is more than enough to start making breasts shrink.


One of the lecturers, Helena Jernstroem, who is an experimental oncology at Lund University in Sweden, gives advice to women not to worry. It is proven that their breasts will shrink, but they won’t disappear, and shrinking won’t happen overnight. They will just get smaller. Another fact that is more important is that the study researchers have also found that the regular caffeine intake reduces the risk of breast cancer. This is because of its impact on estrogen – the female sex hormones. Tip: Another useful benefit of drinking coffee is that it can change woman’s metabolism, so she acquires a better configuration of various estrogen, therefore lowering the risk.                  


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