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She Lost 89 Kilograms in 18 Months and Changed Only One Thing in Her Diet


Obesity is one of the most serious diseases today, and the number of patients is increasing daily. This article will reveal the real life story of an obese woman, who had more than 150 kg, and gained even more weight during the pregnancy due to overeating without control.

One single change in her diet made the same woman lose 89 kilograms in a short period. Namely, her situation got so bad, that her doctors advised her to eat less, or they expected her to live no more than another year.

Apart from these obesity issues, she started facing walking issues, and also suffered from back pain.



At this point, she finally decided to take care of her health in order to save her life. She stopped eating all kinds of junk food and began consuming healthy foods only and doing cardio exercises 3 times per week.

By avoiding food rich in carbohydrates and sugar, in only 18 months, this woman managed to lose 89 kg. Every day, she ate according to the following diet plan:


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