Snacks to Eat if You Have Diabetes


Do you believe in the saying, “what you eat is what you are”? Perhaps this is true most of the time. There’s no denying of the fact that people enjoy eating to their heart’s (and stomach’s) desire. But not all people can have a feast on all sorts of food.
Individuals suffering from diabetes are required to monitor the food that they eat each day. Food has a big effect on the condition of a diabetic patient. A certain food may increase or decrease the amount of sugar and insulin. Since there is a call for a careful choice of food to be eaten, here are some of the food that you can consider to have as your snack.

Sweet potatoes
Considered as the “super food” for diabetics, sweet potatoes help in regulating the blood-sugar level of the body through lowering insulin resistance. Sweet potatoes are also rich in fiber that helps in the control of bad cholesterol (LDL). The simplest way to cook it is boiling it. They can also be fried as an alternative for French fries, but it is less recommended because of the fat you can get from the oil you use for frying. You can also have backed sweet potatoes seasoned with spices, topped with cheese, or just simply dashed on with a little salt and pepper.


Green, leafy veggies for your salad
Packed with all the nutrients that you need, your salad can help you maintain a healthy body. Amino acids are also among the good things that green veggies have, strengthening the immune system. Spinach, kale and collards are some of the leafy vegetables you can munch on. Tossing in eggs, some pieces of black olives, and tuna meat can even make it more protein-packed.

Green tea and whole-grain cracker
According to EverydayHealth, green tea helps in the metabolic function of the body. Green tea has polyphenol, which act as antioxidants that help ward off free radicals that may damage the cells in your body. It would be a great partner for a piece or two of a whole-grain cracker.

Bean salad
According to the American Diabetes Association, beans are among the super foods for diabetic patients. Beans are rich in fiber, a good source of magnesium and potassium, and gives the amount of protein that meat can also provide, minus the saturated fat. Black beans, mixed with avocado mash, tomato slices and any other choice you want can give you a more enjoyable and healthy snack.

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