The Best Exercise For Your Age


The best exercise for your age

In your teens…

Exercise has to be enjoyable, especially for teenagers, as it helps them to establish lifelong habits. Physical activity should be a positive outlet for teenagers, not a form of punishment, so try some of these ideas:

  • Weekly: Get a mixed group of friends together for a weekly social game of tennis, basketball or soccer.
  • Seasonal: Join a different competitive sport each summer and winter. Team sports are also good for confidence and developing social skills.
  • Daily: Incorporate incidental exercise into daily routines by riding to school, exercising the family pet, walking to the bus stop, train station or shops.
  • Yearly: Ask for active birthday and Christmas gifts such as surf lessons, dance classes or a new bike.

Best exercise choice: Team sports


In your 20s…

In your 20s, you’re likely to have a bit of spare cash and extra time, so you can probably afford to splurge a little on your choice of exercise. You might like to try a personal trainer, gym membership or booking the occasional active weekend escape. Other ways to stay active and maintain your fitness might include:

  • Socialise and exercise at the same time with group exercise or dance classes, barefoot bowls or bootcamp.
  • Use your ‘me time’ to train for specific goals such as a fun run, half-marathon, charity distance event or triathlon.
  • Set up exercise opportunities within your work place such as a regular lunchtime power walk, touch footy matches or revitalising yoga breaks.

Best exercise choice: High-intensity cardio                          


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