If you’re trying to transform your body in record time, look no further than the plank. The plank is a popular exercise that really sounds too good to be true. However, the 28-day plank challenge has been tried by thousands of people with great results. Of course, getting fit in a month isn’t exactly an overnight success, but it’s not slow either. Continue reading below to see what a plank can do for your body. planking challenge What’s the plank? If you’re wondering why the plank challenge is so popular, it’s because it’s a great whole-body workout plan. It may look simple, but trust us – it surely works. Here’s how the plant works on your body:

  1. Tones your abs

This exercise uses your core to stabilize your body and tone your abdominal muscles by maintaining a proper planking position. The abs are highly engaged during the workout, and will tighten and tone over time.

  1. Promotes good posture

The abs are vital for proper body posture, so planking can definitely improve your posture and stability. By doing it regularly, you will learn how to stand upright and will improve your flexibility and mobility.

  1. Improves your flexibility

According to, planking can improve your flexibility by working your back and shoulder muscles. It will stretch your shoulder blades and improve your range of motion. How to plank? If you want to achieve great results, you must do the plank properly or it won’t work. Make sure your arms are in the proper position, and keep the elbows right below your shoulders – this will allow you the best weight distribution. Keep your back straight at all times, and don’t round out your spine as it will put too much pressure on your back and neck. Tighten your abs during the exercise, and keep your legs just slightly apart. Make sure you aren’t feeling any extra pressure in your hips. Breathe slow and deliberate during the exercise while keeping your core squeezed.


Day 1 – 20 seconds Day 2 – 20 seconds Day 3 – 30 seconds Day 4 – 30 seconds Day 5 – 40 seconds Day 6 – Rest Day 7 – 45 seconds Day 8 – 45 seconds Day 9 – 60 seconds Day 10 – 60 seconds Day 11 – 60 seconds Day 12 – 90 seconds Day 13 – Rest Day 14 – 90 seconds Day 15 – 90 seconds Day 16 – 120 seconds Day 17 – 120 seconds Day 18 – 150 seconds Day 19 – Rest Day 20 – 150 seconds Day 21 – 150 seconds Day 22 – 180 seconds Day 23 – 180 seconds Day 24 – 210 seconds Day 25 – Rest Day 26 – 210 seconds Day 27 – 240 seconds Day 28 – As much as you can It may look too simple, but the plank is the best way of strengthening your abs in no time. source:delishpoints

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