Weight Watchers Guide 2017 : HOW To Use YOUR Day!


Here’s a cheat sheet to help you learn how to use My Day

How do I track?

You can track straight from your My Day dashboard! Go to the rectangular search box at the top of My Day. You can search for any food or activity, and then track it, using either Quick Add or the Calculator.  You can also track via the app.

Where’s the Quick Add/Calculator feature?

If you want to enter an item quickly (or you don’t know its nutritional components), go to My Day > Quick Add and enter the SmartPoints™ (or your best guess), the meal time, the date (will default to Today), and the food name. Select Track.

How to calculate SmartPoints™?

Go to My Day > Quick Add > Calculator to enter the required nutrients (kilojoules, saturated fat, sugar and protein). These numbers can be found on the nutritional information label of most packaged foods. If you don’t know the fibre component, enter 0. Add the serving size (or your best guess) and name the food. Select Create and Track.

How do I create Favourites?

Marking your most commonly eaten foods as a “Favourite” will make tracking simpler and faster. To add an item to your Favourites, search for the food and then tap the star icon. You can edit the portion sizes and other information for the foods on your Favorites list just by selecting it.

How is My Foods different from Favourites?

My Foods allows you to easily and efficiently manage your Favourites and food items you’ve created yourself. My Foods also provides you with additional functionality such as:
1. A better view of your foods, recipes and meals.
2. Individual sections for Favourites and items you created.
3. The ability to edit and save changes to foods and meals.
4. The ability to find items you’ve created without having to search for them.

How do I create recipes?

Go to My Foods > Recipe > Create to add a recipe or edit an existing recipe (even a Weight Watchers recipe). The Recipe Builder allows you to name your recipe, select your cooking time, prep time, instructions and ingredients.

How to I find Activities?

Go to the Activity icon on your dashboard where you can search for a particular activity/exercise to track. In order to this, select that item, and enter the duration, intensity, date and time. The select Track Activity.

How do I track my weight?

To view your current weight, start weight and goal weight, go to the Weight icon on your My Day dashboard. To change your start weight or edit your goal weight, click on Settings > Weight.

Food search tips

When searching for food items, try these tricks:
Try more general words (“ chips” vs. “BBQ  chips”).
Try fewer words.
Try a generic name instead of a brand.
Not sure how to spell something?
Type at least three letters and an * (bro* for broccoli).

How do I find restaurant foods?

Enter the restaurant name in Track Food or Activity bar and you’ll see a list of every food item from that restaurant that’s currently in our database


Is Drag & Drop still a feature?

Not at the current moment, but it’s on our radar for later updates.

Where have Healthy Checks and the Good Health Guidelines gone?

These features will no longer be available on the site – not because they weren’t helpful, but because we wanted to streamline your digital experience and not overwhelm you with more items to track. However, we would never discourage you from keeping tabs on your healthy habits (like water intake); it’s just not a part of the experience anymore.

Which browsers are compatible with the Weight Watchers subscriber site?

Though we recommend Google Chrome for optimal performance, you can also use Internet Explorer 10 and above versions, plus Safari and Mozilla.

How do I swap FitPoints™ for SmartPoints™?

We find that most members don’t want or need to swap FitPoints™ for food, but if you find that you need to because you are doing a lot of high-intensity exercise, you can swap them by  going to Settings > Food > Swapping and choose how you want to swap.

How do I change my weight settings?

To edit your starting weight and goal weight, go to Settings > Weight.

How do I see how many SmartPoints™ I have left?

Your SmartPoints™ budget will appear in the blue circle under the My Day section. Beneath that, in the My Activity section, you’ll see how many FitPoints™ you’ve earned for the day.

Is there still a Filling & Healthy technique?

Yes, Filling & Healthy is still an option! To switch your program to the Filling & Healthy Technique, go to Settings > Technique >  select Filling & Healthy > and then press Update . If you’re following the Filling & Healthy technique, your weeklySmartPoints™ will be displayed in the blue circle under My Day.

Can I use the Recipe Builder for the Filling & Healthy technique?

At this time, the Recipe Builder cannot be used to build recipes that work with theFilling & Healthy technique. If you’d like to track them accurately, we suggest quick-adding recipes to your tracker with a SmartPoints™  of 0, or putting in the recipe manually if you would like to see the individual ingredients.

How do I connect or disconnect from a wireless scale?

You can connect or disconnect to wireless scales by going to Settings > Weight and selecting your scale.

How do I connect or disconnect my activity tracking devices?

You can connect or disconnect your device by going to Settings > Activity.

If I’m having trouble with my activity-monitoring device or app, what do I do?

If it’s a technical question, please call your device’s manufacturer.

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