90 Day Diet to 55 Pounds Less


In this article we will represent an excellent diet which will help you to lose weight, boost your metabolism and what is most important, the weight won’t come back! This is a 90 day diet cycle, and you will lose between 25 and 39 pounds. Since this is a long diet, it will become a lifestyle, the healthy eating, for you. And if you think you are losing too much weight, you can definitely stop the diet earlier. The important rule to follow is: starts with a protein day, then starch day, carbohydrates, fruit, water and again protein day. BREAKFAST RULE: This diet requires fruit eating for the entire cycle of 90 days. You always have to eat a pair of them like: 2 pears, 2 apples or a handful of berries.  THIS DIET REQUIRES STRICTLY FOLLOWING THE DAY SEQUENCE RULE, SO DO NOT CHANGE IT!



Lunch: You have to consume boiled or roasted meat for lunch. Also, include a slice of bread, unlimited amount of salad and 200ml noodles soup. If you want to skip meat at your protein day, switch it for 3 boiled eggs. If you want to consume dairy products then eat half dose of eggs or meat and the other half will be the cheese, milk or yogurt. Dinner: Same as lunch, just exclude the bread and the soup so it will be like half dose of the lunch. But important is not to change meat for eggs in the evening. Combine meat with meat, eggs with eggs. Important rule: you have to have at least 4 hours between meals.


Lunch: Potatoes, peas, cooked beans or rice. You can also add some spices: salt, pepper, oregano, tomato sauce and plus add slice of bread and salad. Dinner: Same as the lunch, just 50% less (half of the dose) and at least 3 hours later from the lunch.


Lunch: Pasta is always a good idea! Boil some pasta with spices or vegetarian pizza with ketchup. Also, in this 90 days cycle you may consume pastry at this carbohydrates day, like 3 bread sticks. Dinner: This is the best day which allows you to eat cake for dinner! Eat 2-3 cookies or slice of cake or maybe 3 scoops of ice cream. What is a must? You must eat 1 row of a dark chocolate (at least 70% cocoa) Watch at the timing rule: 3 hours between meals!



Mix fruit, any kind of fruit for lunch and dinner! You can eat as much as you like, just watch out that you have at least 2 hours between the meals.


This is a very difficult day, but you must have it once a month, so it means 3 times during the 90 day diet. After a cycle of 7*4 days or 29 days, you have to drink only water during the whole day. This day always comes after the fruit day and before you continue with the protein day. You can also consume coffee and tea unlimited, but without sugar of course! After you finish the diet, you have to eat regularly but you have to keep the fruit for breakfast for another 90 days. If you notice that you will lose another 3 kilos in the next cycle with the fruit breakfast, that means that the metabolism has been boosted and you should repeat the diet again. It may seem difficult, but if you take a good look at the diet, you will notice that the amount of the food is not limited, you are also allowed to eat lots of different food, so the only thing that stays is that you have to watch the days: protein, starch, carbs and fruit. If you notice some weight changes after 10 days or some sharp declined weight, do not worry and just continue with the diet! You should also reduce juices, do not skip days because the body needs all the important ingredients. Also the chocolate – very important to consume since you may be at an allergy risk if you follow a diet. The chocolate will prevent this! The morning fruit will give you the energy needed for the rest of the day. You should also take care of your health and check your blood and blood pressure frequently. People ho have tried this diet, have managed to lose at least 10 pounds without any health problems. And some people who were having blood pressure problems, after following this diet have manages to exclude the meds only after few weeks. Try it and share the results! Source: healthteamadvisor

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