Chick-Fil-A’s Menu : Weight Watchers SmartPoints Guide (10SP or Less)


Chick-Fil-A’s Menu : Weight Watchers SmartPoints Guide

Small or Medium Fruit Cup (0 WW SP) Light Italian Dressing (1 WW SP) 8 piece Grilled Nuggets (2 WW SP) Side Salad (3 WW SP) Medium Hearty Breast of Chicken Soup (4 WW SP) or large (7 WW SP) Greek Yogurt Parfait, no toppings (4 WW SP) Grilled Market Salad (5 WW SP) 8 piece Nuggets (6 WW SP) or 12 piece (9 WW SP) Grilled Chicken Sandwich (8 WW SP) Char-grilled Chicken Sandwich (8 WW SP) Asian Salad (9 WW SP) Grilled Chicken Cool Wrap (9 WW SP)

Probably stay away from the large Mocha Cookies & Cream Milkshake (43 WW SP)!


Consider trying one of these two Chick-Fil-A smart point lunch ideas instead: 1. Grilled Market Salad, Greek Yogurt Parfait, and water (9 WW SP) 2. 8 piece Grilled Nuggets, side salad with light Italian dressing, and water. (6 WW SP)


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